Friday, August 22, 2014

Bargain of the Week

What: Polka Dot Knit
From: Mikkat Market
Why You Need It: Because winter isn't done with us yet and you can layer this baby till the cows come home in spring. Also, polka dots. I'm not usually a fan of brown's and neutrals but this shade reminds me of caramel and everybody loves caramel (everybody I want to be friends with anyway). A fine knit is great for the office and with your boyfriend jeans.
Lastly, the price. I don't dick around when it comes to this bargain thing.

UPDATE: Noooo it's all gone! :( Here's a super sweet one from Asos to fill the void though.

Monday, August 18, 2014

USA Photo Diary

As you know I recently went to the U. S of A on a whim (because I'm a total bad ass) and I can honestly say it was the best, least thought out decision, I've ever made. It was one of those trips that changes your life (all travel does in some ways though doesn't it) and cheesy as it sounds; I really did meet the most exceptional people who are friends for life and just all round good looking roosters. Between the real talk and the in jokes that had my stomach aching from laughter, I can say that I achieved the Contiki dream of #noregrets. 

Now, this comes with a disclaimer... If you do know me in real life and have me on Facebook you will know why I have been very selective with the photos I've put up. I took my camera out most nights, and most every night we had too much to drink. It's just too much hilarity for this blog to handle and as I've mentioned before: not everyone wants their pictures plastered over the internet!
However, if you do want to see more, please do check out the very amusing and cheeky Luke Blundell on YouTube who documented our trip in a more professional manner than myself (barely though).

And... if you like the look of the trip, want to know where I actually went because these photos are terribly disjointed or are simply curious... here is the tour in detail.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Bargain of the Week

Why You Need It: I'm not trying to force my desires on you (I am though) but I have been looking for the perfect metallic mini skirt for AGES! A high waist, straight cut and not too short hemline make this skirt perfection. Metallic or any PU can look 'cheap hoe' in a heartbeat if it's too short, tight or in the wrong colour. Rose gold? The right colour.
Pair it with your plain t-shirts, chunky knits or a big trench for casual wear and dress it up for night time with a blazer, bustier and chunky cuff: BOOM!
It's also an insultingly low price. There's not many left so grab yours now!